Transform Your Loss Prevention Program

Whether you are training and communicating with your employees or working to ensure compliance and a reduction in your overall risk, TargetSolutions can help you streamline and automate the process. Built on a robust technology platform that gives you the unique ability to identify key metrics, run reports and benchmark operating units, TargetSolutions provides:

  • Training management
    With TargetSolutions' online course catalog, your organization can substantially reduce claims and lost workdays. In addition to delivering relevant and critical safety training, the system enables you to manage and document all desired employee education
  • Compliance management
    TargetSolutions' compliance management tools help you create and monitor key compliance tasks, distribute organizational policies and track user certifications. This ensures that state and federal laws, and your organization’s own policies, are being followed by all employees.
  • Communication management
    Need to communicate with your key stakeholders? The TargetSolutions platform makes it possible to easily disseminate information as well as receive valuable feedback from employees.
  • Risk management
    The risk management technologies included in the TargetSolutions platform allow you to keep your employees safe as well as protect key organizational assets. These technologies include powerful risk identification and mitigation tools that can be used to evaluate your organizational culture, employment practices, safety practices and motor vehicle safety.
The TargetSolutions Dashboard provides a
quick risk management snapshot.
TargetSolutions Platform Dashboard

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